EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK – Tivat marks World Car Free Day

21 Sep 2020

Every year from 16 to 22 September, European Mobility Week (EMW) is celebrated throughout Europe and the world, . Tivat, unfortunately due to the current situation with the coronavirus epidemic, will not organize numerous events as was the case in the previous period. However, a part of Ulica II dalmatinska will be closed for traffic, tomorrow, September 22, from 10 am to 6 pm. In this way, the Municipality of Tivat wants to remind all fellow citizens and guests of the World Car Free Day, which is celebrated on this date as part of a larger, already mentioned event. Tivat will thus get another pedestrian zone in the very center of the city and encourage citizens to take a walk and give up using cars at least for a day.

“For this 2020, our plans to mark EMW were big: organizing hiking and walking tours, cycling, sports ground, permanent measures that would gradually limit the representation of motor vehicles in the city center, and eventually reduce it to a minimum. However, the health situation prevented us from implementing this ambitious plan. ” – said Tatjana Jelic, Secretary of the Secretariat for Communal Affairs, Transport and Energy Efficiency of the Municipality of Tivat, and added: “Recognition we received in 2018 from the European Commission for marking EMW, all our activities so far and our goal: cleaner city sustainable urban mobility, they oblige us to remind all citizens, at least symbolically, that our future is in choosing alternative modes of transport, with as little pollution as possible. ”

European Mobility Week encourages cities to introduce sustainable transport measures and calls on people to change their behavior in transport – opting for alternative modes of transport instead of cars. It began to be marked at the beginning of the 21st century, within the European Union, but over time it has spread to countries outside the EU, so now the cities of Brazil, Japan and the USA are also participating in the action ak

EMW has been celebrated in Montenegro for the last decade. Tivat initially did this by organizing one-day events, and from 2017 the scope of activities expanded to numerous multi-day events such as: cycling polygon, creative activities in the parking lot, promotion of electric bicycles, art and sports activities for the youngest in traditional areas. intended for cars.