The first measures of the Municipal Protection and Rescue Team

29 Jun 2020

On the occasion of the new situation, a meeting of the Municipal Team for Protection and Rescue Tivat (OTZS) was held and the following was agreed:

  • That the Protection and Rescue Service of Tivat (SZS) disinfects the public areas of JPU “Bambi” as well as the Health Center;
  • SZS, in cooperation with Komunalno DOO Tivat, to prepare a plan for further disinfection of public areas of the city;
  • Communal police and inspection to strengthen control over the implementation of measures and recommendations of the National Coordination Body (NCC).
  • All institutions, services and companies to take further measures within their competence, in accordance with the recommended measures of the NCT.
  • The OTZS appealed to citizens who were tested for coronavirus to remain in self-isolation until the test results. The triage clinic is on standby at the Public Institution Health Center Tivat

The municipal team called on fellow citizens to once again show a high degree of responsibility and respect the recommended measures of NKT and OTZS in order to suppress the further spread of the virus, and the two people who tested positive for coronavirus to recover as soon as possible. Mandatory measures are the use of masks in enclosed public spaces, physical distance, and hygiene and disinfection of hands and space.

“Caution and responsibility will help us do everything together again and successfully end the epidemic. Our fellow citizens have already shown a high degree of care for their environment and there is no reason why it should not be so this time as well. We all have experiences and we must be responsible for our own and the health of our fellow citizens as well as those who will come to Tivat in the coming months. It is now up to us to show that we have learned to live safely with the coronavirus “, said the president of OTZS, Dr. Siniša Kusovac.