The first official press conference of the new administration of the Municipality of Tivat

21 Oct 2020

The topic of the first official press conference at which the President of the Municipality Zeljko Komnenovic and the President of the Municipal Assembly of Tivat Dr. Andrija Petkovic spoke was the state of the Budget of the Municipality of Tivat, after Zeljko Komnenovic took office.

“We present you with preliminary data submitted by the municipal Secretariat for Finance and Local Public Revenues. From our side, there will be an internal and external audit of the business of the Municipality of Tivat, “the mayor emphasized and added that he would call the method of local government management the method of” scorched earth “, because when you do not have funds, you have nothing to do. All debts and receivables, salaries of employees, the Municipality will settle regularly despite the difficult financial situation. “

As of October 16, 2020, the Municipality of Tivat has received liabilities in the amount of € 3,504,330.00. Most of these liabilities are due for payment a long time ago, and the second part is due by mid-December, excluding salaries and employee contributions for the next two months. The President listed only some of the obligations due for collection: bills for public lighting from May, debt of € 273,304.00 to the contractor at the Center for Children with Disabilities, debt of € 171,700.00 for asphalting streets, debt of 111,873, 00 € for works on the Belani promenade … By mid-December, the First Bank needs to repay € 1,111,088.00 from a short-term loan in the amount of EUR 2 million, which was taken at the beginning of the year. The installment of € 300,000.00 should be returned by the day after tomorrow.

“On the same day, the Municipality had available funds in the amount of € 419,438.00, of which € 352,511.00 were funds from overdraft loans with Prva Banka, which means that on that day the Municipality of Tivat had less than € 70,000.00 of its available funds. money. At the moment, we have around € 150,000.00 at our disposal, since certain payments have arrived. “- said the President and called on the citizens to” be local patriots and pay real estate taxes for this year, so that we could start working on the rehabilitation plan. “

At the beginning of his presentation, Dr. Andrija Petković emphasized that the press conference was “a step by which we showed our intention to be transparent”, and added: “We have a responsibility not to any political entities, but to citizens. That is why we are publicly presenting everything that the anti-Tivat government has done during the previous years. “

“The previous government entered 2020 with € 2,879,162.00 of funds transferred from 2019. At the beginning of the year, they took a loan from Prva Banka and indebted us 2 million euros. All this, along with the regular revenues of the Municipality, was not enough for them in the election year – they left us 3.5 million euros of obligations that must be paid immediately. “He stated that the Municipality expects to start repaying two loans from KfW Bank for construction next year. WWTP and sewerage, payment of compensation to the owners of the land on Klačina, which will cost us at least 2.5 million euros.

The President of the Municipal Assembly stated that after the elections to the Municipality of Tivat, intentional economic damage was done in order for the Municipality to be handed over in the worst possible condition. “Only seven days before his dismissal, Siniša Kusovac signed a contract with the company Civil Engineer for the construction of the MR2 road, in the amount of € 1,149,524.00. And that not even 1 cent of capital donations from the Government of Montenegro were paid into the budget of the Municipality of Tivat, although this time it should be financed by the Government, ie its Directorate for Public Works. Kusovac is doing all this at a time when it knows that the Municipality of Tivat is already in debt of 3.5 million euros.”

When asked by journalists about the way in which the local government will rehabilitate the existing financial situation, the mayor announced a rehabilitation plan through the Budget for 2021, the necessary rationalization of the number of employees in the local government and regular contact with creditors. Also, the journalists were interested in the fate of the claims against the company “Adriatic Marinas” when it comes to regulating the mutual obligations of the Municipality of Tivat with this company. The President of the Municipality indicated that the analysis of the opinion submitted by the Special State Prosecutor’s Office to the Municipality of Tivat on this case is underway and that a solution will be worked on that will be in the interest of the Municipality of Tivat.

The President of the Assembly, Dr. Andrija Petković, emphasized: “I do not want anyone to think that it is a matter of revanchism and to present a situation that is unrealistic, blacker than it is.” These are exact figures, and the measures we are planning are the most necessary measures that we must take in order to return the Municipality to a normal way of functioning. The way it went, at some point it had to stop. “

Asked to comment on the criminal charges against the former mayor, Komnenovic said that he would not comment on that until the court epilogue. “What is certain is that the damage was done to the city treasury and that someone will have to answer for it.”