The fourth cycle of humanitarian aid distribution continues

22 Apr 2020

The distribution of the fourth contingent of humanitarian packages during which 35 families received support will continue, it was announced at the meeting of the Social Protection Team of the Municipality of Tivat chaired by President Dr. Sinisa Kusovac and consisting of representatives of the Center for Social Work, Red Cross, Youth Secretariat, Sports and social affairs and the Protection and Rescue Service.

This set of assistance covers categories of the population who, due to the epidemiological situation, have reached a state of social need, and to whom the assistance was distributed in consultation with representatives of local communities.

At the meeting, it was announced that assistance would be created in cooperation with certain businessmen of the city. This assistance will be distributed in the coming period.

So far, according to the Red Cross, 350 sets of aid have been distributed. These are hygienic and sanitary packages with groceries.

The meeting thanked the businessmen, companies and individuals who donated money or donations in goods, products and groceries.