The new mayor organized a meeting with all parties involved in the construction dispute in “VII kvart”

20 Oct 2020

Today, the President of the Municipality of Tivat, Zeljko Komnenovic, organized a meeting of all parties involved in the dispute that has been going on for the last few days, due to the demolition of the existing and construction of a new facility in Donja Lastva, VII kvart Street.

“My intention is that by actively involving all parties, competent authorities and institutions, we solve the problem for the benefit, first of all the residents of this street, and then the investors” – said the Mayor, greeting those present: residents of VII quarter, representatives of investors Invest ”, the Municipal Secretariats for Investments, Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development and the Secretariat for Communal Affairs, Traffic and Energy Efficiency, the Directorate for Inspection Affairs, the Communal Police of the Municipality of Tivat and the Security Department of Tivat.

Residents of the VII quarter, Zoran Nikolić and Marija Nikolić, expressed dissatisfaction with the situation in which the residents of this street found themselves. In the first place, they pointed out the specificity of the road, which, as it is, prevents the passage of larger construction machines, and according to them, it could be damaged. The second point of dispute is the attitude of the locals that the conceptual design of the facilities that should be built in their neighborhood, is contrary to the issued urban-technical conditions and the Detailed Urban Plan of Donja Lastva, and that the construction of the planned facilities exceeds the maximum allowed construction.

The locals filed a lawsuit with the Administrative Court for revoking the decision on the issued consent of the chief state architect to such a conceptual solution, but also a request for revoking the license of the architects behind the “Gemini” project, which according to Nikolić is not in accordance with the issued urban-technical conditions.

The Secretary of the Secretariat for Communal Affairs, Traffic and Energy Efficiency, Tatjana Jelic, informed the attendees about the municipal decisions on roads and traffic regulation, which allow the movement of vehicles weighing up to five tons on municipal roads, while at the request of investors consent can be issued. weighing up to 12 tons. “On the other hand, if the road is in such a condition that no traffic can take place on it, or the road is damaged, the competent inspection body of the local government can ban traffic on that part of the road,” Jelic pointed out.

Ivan Peković on behalf of “IP Investment” stated that mechanization of smaller tonnage was sent to the location, so that the road would not be damaged, and asked those present why he could not get access to his plot and his facility, and to carry out demolition works on it in accordance with the obtained documentation. .

In the past few days, officials of the Directorate for Inspection Affairs and the Communal Police of the Municipality of Tivat were present on the field, as well as members of the Security Department of Tivat, since there was a spontaneous gathering of citizens, who prevented construction works on the plots. The head of OB Tivat, Dragan Kontić, reminded that in such cases, the police are obliged to go out on the field and warn the citizens to respect the law and regulations.

The mayor promised that the local government would examine the possibilities of providing an alternative route to the investor, and that in the meantime it would be important for the investor to respect the restrictions in terms of tonnage, which will be controlled by the competent municipal authorities. Also, the local government will be in constant contact with the locals and primarily protects their rights. “Regardless of some bad solutions provided by the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction of Facilities, we are obliged to respect the laws of this state and we must find a modality to meet the requirements of both sides, as a local government,” he concluded. Mayor.