A tourist info point opened at Tivat Airport, queue introduced in front of the arrival terminal

29 Jun 2021

The Tourist Organization of Tivat, in cooperation with the Municipality of Tivat, will open a tourist information point at the Tivat Airport for the first time this year. The point starts working today / Tuesday, June 29 / and will work six days a week.

At the info point, in addition to tourist information about Tivat and Montenegro, guests will have the opportunity to get acquainted with current epidemiological measures, information on free PCR testing, a guide to safety and health protocols…

At the checkpoint, interested passengers and guests will also receive information on the use of taxi services. With the efforts of the Municipal Secretariat for Inspection and Communal Affairs, the Secretariat for Economy, the Utility Company and the Parking Service Company, order has been established in the provision of this service this year.

"The ugly image of the constant crowd in front of the arrival terminal of Tivat Airport has been replaced by a neat info point, where guests can get all the information, including those about taxi services" - said the mayor of Tivat Zeljko Komnenovic, emphasizing the importance of first impressions. in Tivat.

Visitors who need a taxi service take a specially traced route to the part of the parking lot where taxi vehicles are located. An info board with a clearly marked price list of taxi services has been set up in the same place so that passengers can have an insight into the prices and to avoid abuses of this kind.

"In coordination with the Police, the Border Police and the management of Tivat Airport, we are doing everything to ensure that the space in front of the arrival terminal is arranged. Guests are not awaited by numerous providers of various services, but a separate space is provided for each activity. Thus, a certain part of the parking lot is intended for buses and travel agencies "- said Jelena Šćekić, Secretary for Inspection and Communal Supervision in the Municipality of Tivat.

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