President of the Assembly

President of the Assembly, doctorate in Political Science Andrija Petković was born on February 18, 1974 in Kotor, to father Zlatko and mother Dragana. Grbic. He finished primary and secondary school in Tivat.

He graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade with a grade of 10 on the graduation exam on the topic “Ideal of Representative Democracy” and an average grade of 8.27 during full-time studies.

He completed his master’s studies within the same faculty with an average grade of 10 on the topic “Elections and Electoral Coalitions in Montenegro 1990-2007”.

He received his doctorate from the Faculty of Political Sciences on the topic “Political parties in Montenegro in the process of European and Euro-Atlantic integration”.

He completed English language courses at the School of British-Yugoslav Friendship.

He is trained to work with the media, mastered the skills of rhetoric, media appearance and media analysis.

He worked as an advisor in the office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Information Society, and was the acting director of the Directorate for the Process of Accession to the European Union in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He worked as a media analyst within the project of the Center for Media Monitoring (CEMEM) and was subsequently promoted to project coordinator.

He was hired as a media advisor and analyst in the office of the mayor of Budva, and later as a political advisor.

He worked as the public relations manager of the hotel “The Queen of Montenegro”.

He was a lecturer and mentor for several graduate theses at the Faculty of Mediterranean Studies.

He was the editor and host of Radio Tivat, music editor and host of the night program of Radio Montenegro “Sedmica”, part-time associate of the daily magazine “Publika”, editor and proofreader of the magazine “Polis”, editor and founder of the magazine “SuperSport”, editor of the magazine ” Start from Podgorica, associate of the magazine “Standard” from Belgrade and several magazines from Podgorica (Index, Biznis, Motori, Caffe Montenegro, MStyle).

He was hired by the Liberal Party of Montenegro as a spokesman.

He is an active participant in the literary life of Montenegro, he has published 6 collections of poetry.

At the age of 18, he was employed by “Dnevni Telegraf”, where he wrote articles of political and social content for three years.

He collaborated with the weekly “Tempo” and the business magazine “Ekonomist” in which he published stories from the world of sports and the world of economics.

In the previous convocation of the Municipal Assembly of Tivat, he performed the function of councilor.

• Chairs the Assembly

• Manages its work

• Takes care of the implementation of decisions and other acts of the Assembly

• Represents the Assembly

• Proposes agenda

• Signs acts of the Assembly

• Coordinates the work of working bodies

• Cooperates with the President of the Municipality and local government bodies

• Takes care of the publicity of the work of the Assembly

• Performs other tasks in accordance with the law, this statute and the Rules of Procedure

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