Tourism, as a specific socioeconomic phenomenon, represents a kind of impersonation of material and spiritual, a special component and a significant factor in the development of modern civilization.This sociological, economic, political, cultural, environmental, but also psychological phenomenon form a link between the state, public – social and private sectors, addressing conflicts and barriers, driven by the knowledge that good and planned co-operation is a prerequisite for developing tourism in some areas.It can be said that tourism erases administrative boundaries, speeds up the easing and adjustment of customs systems to the free flow of people, goods and information, both globally and locally.Tourist trends contribute to the spread, association and permeation of people of different races, cultures, social classes, religions, legal systems and social norms, contributing to increasing awareness, raising people’s culture, tolerance, understanding, and greater respect for diversity among people.

Tourism is directly related to space, it takes place and develops in it, exudes it and transforms it, but at the same time, it also strives to preserve it, to better and protect the natural environment.Recognizing the exceptional importance of this activity, which is being thugged through all pores of economy and society, from the local to global level, Montenegro treats tourism as a priority strategic branch of economic development.On the Montenegrin tourist map, Tivat occupies a special place thanks primarily to its excellent geographical location, natural beauty, monuments of great cultural and historical value, but certainly thanks to the development of elite tourism, foreign capital investments in infrastructure, entry of world brands, and intensive promotional campaigns in foreign markets.Thanks to its position in the central part of the Bay of Kotor, Tivat is the sunniest city of this, in its historical significance and cultural heritage, a unique bay in the Mediterranean. Climate conditions, which characterize the area in which Tivat is located, provide ideal conditions for the successful growth of many exotic plants that succeed in the well-known Tivat green park, where we still grow herbs, which sailors brought from all meridians of the world.What makes a tourist destination attractive, in addition to its natural potential, are certainly cultural and historical, which the Tivat municipality boasts.On the territory of the Municipality of Tivat, the status of cultural goods has 26 immovable and nine movable cultural goods.Numerous churches, monasteries, monuments, memorials – plaques and collections are a special value that attracts cultural tourism devotees. Tivat today is a blend of old and modern, Renaissance and contemporary architecture, a paradise for those who seek peace and those who want fun and enjoy on beaches and islands, walks on the paths of Vrmca and Lustica, or through the Solila Nature Reserve.It is the city that has the largest super yacht marina in the Mediterranean, which has played an uncompromisingly significant role in transforming the city into an elite destination for international tourism. The Municipality of Tivat has thus become the host of some of the world’s most important nautical events and one of the most prominent destinations in the Adriatic, which meets the needs of tourists from around the world. In addition, the construction of the Lustica Bay settlement, which represents not only the largest investment project, but also a significant factor in the development of the Tourist Offer of Tivat and Montenegro, is also a global promoter of Tivat as a respectable investment and tourist destination. What sets Tivat apart from other Montenegrin destinations is the existence of an international airport, which makes it easily accessible to tourists. Today, Tivat is an attractive destination that tourists visit throughout the year, both for those who come by air, land or sail the seas.

Tourism strategy development of Tivat municipality with Action plan 2020 2024 PDF

Strategy for the development of rural tourism in Montenegro with an action plan until 2023 PDF

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Tivat – Solila
Plavi horizonti
Tivat – kupalište ispred hotela Palma
Tivat – Belane
Bazen Lido – Mar
Tivat – Luštica bay
Tivat – Opatovo
Tivat – Donja Lastva
Tivat – Seljanovo
Tivat – kupalište ispred hotela La Roche
Opatovo – Tivat
Tivat – Obala Đuraševića

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