Web portal and SMS notifications

Tivat Municipality has opened new channels of communication with citizens for requests submitted to the Secretariat for Spatial Planning as a part of the project “Increasing Accountability and Transparency in Local Self-Government”.

Internet portal and SMS notification

The local government is continuously working to increase transparency and accountability in its work, and by implementing modern communication technologies, the Municipality of Tivat raises the quality of communication with citizens and legal entities to a higher level.

Web portal – insight into the case progress. Citizens who register for the use of the Web portal, after logging into the Internet portal, can see all their cases and documents that are at some stage of processing at local government office. The information they can obtain this way is the status of the case the local authority and the clerk currently working on it, as well as changes that have been made to the case so far. Consequently, our web portal helps you save time to obtain information via phone or coming to our premises.

SMS service – notification of changes to the case by SMS. This is another way of communicating with citizens, and it involves sending information to citizens about the status of their request or notification of resolving certain requests by SMS, if the citizen registers in the information system. After registering for this service, citizens receive information about:

  • If a request has been received  at the office, with details of the case number and date
  • When a request has been assigned to a clerk at the resolution authority
  • Any change that has occurred regarding the case status (resolved, request approved, request incomplete …)
  • Any complaint about the case
  • Case return to the office
  • Case archive

How do you become a user of Web portals and SMS services

Signing up is very easy.
If you want to register to use our new services of Web portals and SMS services, you can apply for this service when submitting your application at the office. Leave your mobile number to the clerk and within a few minutes you will receive an SMS notification of the date and number of your case. By the end of the business day, you will receive a text message with your account information for the Web portal.

The web portal is located on our site at the following link:


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