This year 24 percent more tourists in Tivat

11 Oct 2022
The tourist organization of the municipality of Tivat presented the results of this year's tourist season and the results of the tourist survey in 2022. The president of the Tivat Municipality, also the president of the Tivat TO Tivat Assembly, Željko Komnenović and the director of the TO Tivat Danica Banjević, as well as the Ninamedia agency consultant prof. Dr. Miloš Bešić. President Komnenović reflected on the results of the tourist season from the point of view of local businesses and informed the attendees about the problems they faced during this year's tourist season. He said that special emphasis was placed on maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of public areas and swimming pools, which was noted and positively assessed in surveys. "Despite numerous problems, the season in Tivat was successful. I am glad that Tivat is open to new tourist markets. The biggest problem is the drop in traffic at Tivat airport by thirty-four percent compared to 2019, while bus traffic recorded a drop of 23 percent. The decline in air traffic is not only a case in our country, but also in the world due to the pandemic and the geopolitical situation," Komnenović said. He also pointed out that in recent years, there has been a tendency for tourists to stay in one place for a shorter time. "Tourists are dynamic, they move and want to see more. Those trends clearly indicate that further planning of tourism development should be based on the level of Boka and consider the establishment of a regional tourism organization in the future." The director of TO Tivat informed the attendees about the activities carried out by the Tourist Organization of Tivat during the past nine months and announced the activities in the coming period. Statistical and financial results concerning the reporting period are presented. "Based on the data of the Administration for Statistics, in the eight months of 2022, 105,478 tourist arrivals (24% more compared to the comparative period of 2021) and 891,770 overnight stays (18% more compared to the comparative period of 2021) were realized in Tivat. ). Compared to 2019, there were 12% fewer arrivals, while the number of overnight stays remained at the same level. When it comes to the structure of tourists who have stayed in Tivat in the past period, the largest share in the total overnight stays of foreign tourists is held by tourists from the markets of Serbia, Russia, the United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, followed by the USA, Croatia and France", said Banjević. According to the financial indicators, a total of 541,933 euros of earmarked income (residence and tourist tax, membership fee) was realized during the nine months of the year, 1% more than in 2021, and 10% less compared to the same period in 2019. 397,225 euros of residence tax was received, i.e. 18% more compared to 2021, and 6% less compared to 2019, then 137,705 euros of tourist tax (7% less compared to 2021, and 14% more compared to in 2019) and 7,002 euros in membership fees, which is 86% less than in 2021. that is, 87% compared to 2019. After the presentation of the Report, there was a presentation of the Tourist Survey, which was presented by Professor Miloš Bešić. According to the results of the Survey, which was conducted in Montenegrin, English, German and Russian languages, Tivat is recognized as a destination where the primary reasons for the arrival of tourists are rest and relaxation and entertainment, and the majority of tourists who visit Tivat predominantly stay in private accommodation. According to geographical criteria, the largest number of tourists are from the countries of the region, followed by guests from Eastern Europe, and only then from Western Europe. Most of the tourists have already stayed in Montenegro. Most tourists come by car, book accommodation less than 15 days before arrival, and the main sources of information about Tivat as a tourist destination are the Internet, Facebook, Tripadvisor, blogs, and traditional media: TV, film, video, radio. "Tourists stayed in Tivat this year for an average of 5 to 10 nights, swimming and bathing were the main activities during their stay, followed by going to restaurants, shopping, visiting local events and seeing the surroundings and sights." Research has shown that almost all tourists visit Pine, Porto Montenegro and Luštica Bay, and a significant number also visit the islands, City Park and Blue Horizons. The surveyed tourists are particularly satisfied with the accommodation, the quality of service and the friendliness of the staff in the accommodation, and they also like the nature. They rate personal safety highly, and the lowest ratings are measured when it comes to traffic organization and road equipment," said Bešić. Professor Bešić pointed out that the overall score with which we could express the satisfaction of tourists is at the level of 63%. Comparatively, accommodation, nature, hospitality and kindness are rated best. Guests from Montenegro are the most satisfied, guests from Eastern Europe are the least satisfied. Guest satisfaction is highest in August, lowest in July, and hotel guests are slightly more satisfied than guests from private accommodation. When it comes to age, guests older than 55 are significantly less satisfied than younger guests, and from the point of view of purchasing power, those with the highest and lowest purchasing power are more satisfied than those "in the middle". According to the research results, we conclude that over 70% of tourists would recommend Tivat as a tourist destination to relatives and friends, and a large number of tourists who visited Tivat this year plan to come again (40% certainly, and 38% possibly). post slika