Tivat is a new member of the “My Tree” , Tivat in the green family

24 Feb 2020

My Tree app will materialize in another Montenegrin city. By signing a cooperation agreement, Tivat has joined the largest regional online platform for tree donation and greening. In this way, all individuals and businesses can in a few simple steps contribute and donate a tree, that will be planted at a specific location and under the recognizable name of the initiator. This mobile application enables all interested to “buy” a tree, that is, to donate money for planting a tree somewhere on the territory of Tivat municipality in three simple steps. A user is guided quickly and intuitively by the application available on both the Google Play Store and the App store. Using an application created by Amplitudo, users can also receive special benefits. Thanks to the cooperation with Crnogorski Telekom, one of the benefits is the free gigabytes that can be obtained by their postpaid and prepaid subscribers. They receive one gigabyte (GB) for three euro donations, or three GB for five euro donations, which last for 15 days. You can read more about these and all the other benefits of becoming a Green Family at www.goplant.me.

So far, thanks to the app, several hundred trees have been donated and planted. The platform has been recognized as an initiative with the potential to unite the entire region in the planet's greening action and beyond. Tivat is just one of the cities that has recognized the importance of being involved in the project, as the Municipality of Tivat is continuously working on the restoration and maintenance of greenery. Green areas represent indispensable natural elements in populated areas, which contribute to the improvement of the environment in the broadest sense. Therefore, it is very important that we constantly preserve and enhance the green spaces, and thus make the space we use together healthier and more beautiful. According to the the municipality Tivat representatives, through this form of cooperation with Crnogorski Telekom and Amplitudo, all users of the "My Tree app" are enabled to participate in the procurement of seedlings to be planted on public green spaces in the city - primarily parks, squares and promenades.

In addition to Podgorica and Tivat, representatives of the "My Tree" app are expecting to sign contracts with Municipalities Bar, Cetinje and Kotor, as well as with Skopje, and other cities in Northern Macedonia. In Belgrade, a custom application is already active. The Armenian city of Yerevan also joined the action, and negotiations are underway with numerous cities around the world. Amplitudo will further promote the use of the application through cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, donating it to all cities where Montenegro has embassies and consular posts. The Deutsche Telekom Group member states have also expressed interest in joining the initiative.

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