Congratulations to the water polo players

31 Jan 2020

On behalf of the Municipality of Tivat and myself I would like to congratulate our water polo players, our sharks, coaches and expert staff, which once again confirmed that Montenegro has top athletes and belongs to the best sport associations worldwide.

Tivat is intensively working on creating conditions for recreation and preparation of athletes for important competitions, and in addition to renovating existing and constructing new sports fields, it is also planning a multifunctional Župa sports complex that would, among other things, offer conditions for training water polo players.

Also, on behalf of the Municipality of Tivat and myself, I would like to offer our thanks to the citizens of Montenegro for the magnificent welcome of our water polo players, because the best among us must always be honored in this way.

Mayor of Tivat

Dr. Siniša Kusovac

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