Three NGO of special importance have signed a contract with municipality Tivat

31 Jan 2020

At noon today, mayor of Tivat, Dr Sinisa Kusovac, and representatives of three non-governmental organizations of particular importance to Tivat, have signed contracts for allocation of funds for NGO Projects and organizations of particular importance for municipality and its cultural heritage.

The Municipal Commission for allocation of funds for Tivat NGO Projects has decided to out of the total allocated funds for this purpose from the municipal budget for 2020, EUR 60,000, allocate 40% or EUR 24,000 for the needs of the work and implementation of NGO programs with special status.

Based on this decision, funds were allocated to the Tivat City Orchestra, the Boka Navy – 809 Tivat affiliates, and the Boka Folklore group.

€ 13,130 has been awarded to the Tivat City Orchestra. These funds were earmarked for the needs of music-professional work, the addition of uniforms and the maintenance and procurement of instruments.

The budget of the Municipality of Tivat for folklore group “Boka” earmarked € 7,370 for the program “Lastovo Wedding” within the Purgatory Festival, children’s folklore festival “Wheels without Borders”, procurement of missing costumes, membership fees for UFA and CIOFF, as well as for participation at foreign festivals.

The non-governmental organization Boke Navy 809 – the Tivat branch received EUR 3,500 this year for the purchase of a part of uniforms and special footwear, then for the maintenance of inventory and for organizing public hearings.

The attendees were addressed by the Mayor Siniša Kusovac, PhD and the Secretary for Culture and Social Affairs, Dubravka Nikčević, MA.

President Sinisa Kusovac emphasized the importance of these organizations, stating that the tradition of the city of Tivat should be inherited and that is why the municipality of Tivat is continuously assisting the non-governmental sector.

“First and foremost are the people, then the task and the organization. When you perform, you represent not only yourself, but also our city. Symbiosis is important because one color does not paint a true portrait. We are not rich enough to offer only money, human factor is the most important part of every organization. ”

Secretary for Culture and Social Affairs Dubravka Nikcevic, MA welcomed those present, wishing the coming year to be at least as successful as the previous one, and has emphasized the good cooperation between the competent secretariat and these non-governmental organizations.

“For the second year, the municipality of Tivat has been distributing funds to non-governmental organizations with special status, in accordance with the new Decision, which has proven to be a much better solution for the smooth functioning of these important organizations for our city. I want to emphasize that your importance is not only in nurturing cultural heritage, for protocol purposes, but to represent an important segment of the promotion of our city.

Representatives of the Tivat City Orchestra, Boris Lanceroti, Folklore group Boka, Lazar Bozovic and Boka Navy 809 – Tivat Branch, Marijan Ribica presented a number of constructive proposals and have also commented on certain omissions from the previous period and recalled that City Music, Majorettes and folklore have last performed together in 1992 in Guca.

“We, on our own initiative. represented Tivat.” Lazar Bozovic said.

All representatives expressed their satisfaction with the new way of allocating funds to NGOs, which enables them to realize their activities.

These NGOs do not apply for funds through a public competition, but the municipal commission from the annual program approves them for activities that are important for raising the quality of work, ie the services of NGOs with the aim of better participation in programs that are relevant for the municipality of Tivat.