Continuous investments of the Municipality of Tivat in education

04 Aug 2020
For the past four years (2016-2020), the Municipality of Tivat has invested intensively in the field of education, providing the necessary support to primary and secondary schools, but also to preschool institutions operating in the territory of Tivat. Support was also provided to Tivat students, regardless of whether they attend schools in their own or in neighboring cities. The total investments of the Municipality of Tivat in education for the period from 2016 to mid-2020 amount to almost € 800,000.00. Investments were made in facilities, related infrastructure, and crucial projects were realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Education. "From 2016 until the middle of 2020, infrastructural investments in the amount of € 297,500.00 were realized towards Tivat schools. In the desire to provide our children with the best and safest space for work and development, we responded to the needs of schools, whether it is the rehabilitation of access roads or minor interior works, "said the mayor of Tivat Sinisa Kusovac. "With this amount: cabinets were equipped, access roads were arranged, necessary interior works were performed, fences and video surveillance systems were installed in order to increase student safety, heating systems were repaired, locksmiths were changed, air conditioners and other necessary equipment were installed," Kusovac stressed. . The Secretariat for Culture and Social Activities of the Municipality of Tivat awarded the best and regularly provided scholarships to those with the best academic success. “About € 35,000.00 is directed annually for this purpose, so from 2016 until the middle of 2020, the best Tivat pupils and students were provided with financial support in the amount of over € 179,000.00. We believe that investing in Tivat pupils and students, an important investment in the future of Tivat ", stressed Secretary Dubravka Nikčević. The municipality of Tivat, although it is not a legal obligation of the local government, in 2016, for the first time, provided free sets of textbooks for all high school champions. As early as the school year 2019, free textbooks were given to first, second and third grade students of primary school. For these purposes, more than € 75,500.00 was spent, and the intention is to provide support to parents and children, and encourage them when entering the world of acquiring new knowledge. It is important to point out that for students belonging to the RE population, textbooks are provided by the Ministry of Education. In the sector of education and integration of members of the RE population into the education system, Tivat is proud of the extremely successful and award-winning project "RE assistant and mediator in teaching", which involves cooperation between parents / student - mediator / assistant - teacher / school administration. The municipality annually allocates funds for the transportation of students belonging to the RE population to schools and kindergartens. The local government subsidizes the line transport of students on the territory of the municipality, so the total amount of funds spent for these purposes since 2016 is over € 146,000.00. Understanding the needs of students and teachers, the Municipality of Tivat is a support when it comes to participation in numerous seminars, fairs, competitions, exhibitions, in order to encourage any outstanding results and to create conditions for further development and advancement. In the past 4 years, € 96,780.00 has been spent for these purposes. Educational institutions in Tivat have the support, both of the private sector, of domestic and foreign companies, which meet the needs of schools. The local government, the competent Ministry and the mentioned private sector respond to the requests of students and school administration, with the desire that the children of Tivat learn and progress surrounded by good conditions, modern means, with the opportunity to express and present their knowledge and talents. The Municipality of Tivat and the Ministry of Education plan to adapt a number of classrooms in the elementary school "Drago Milovic" in the next period, in order to facilitate the organization of work with children, and the Secretariat for Culture and Social Affairs, after the public procurement procedure, completes textbook procurement for the first three grades. primary schools, and gift packages for champions. This is also a way for the local government to congratulate the children on starting school, with the hope that the epidemiological situation will enable the regular operation of schools and kindergartens. post slika