Let’s buy local products

06 Aug 2020

The Secretariat for Tourism and Entrepreneurship of the Municipality of Tivat presents an innovated list of local agricultural producers, who are ready to sell their products on the doorstep with the possibility of delivery to end consumers.

In this way, the successful practice of promoting the local domestic product continues, while at the same time providing support to local agricultural producers. They get the opportunity to promote and market their products, ie their "catch", while the citizens have all the necessary data in one place and thus easier access to quality domestic products.

"On this occasion, I invite all other interested registered agricultural producers from the territory of the municipality of Tivat, to join this action in order to enable our fellow citizens to reach healthy and quality ways in a fairly simple, and at the same time healthier way than going to the store." groceries "- said Petar Vujovic, Secretary of the Secretariat for Tourism and Entrepreneurship.

The Municipality of Tivat will continue with such and similar types of support to small agricultural producers, in order for these farms to overcome the current situation as easily as possible, and with as few negative consequences as possible.

Let's support a local agricultural producer, let's buy local!

Small domestic agricultural producers - PDF

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