Donation to the Special Hospital “Vaso Ćuković” in Risno

30 Sep 2022

The President of the Municipality of Tivat Željko Komnenović visited the Special Hospital for Orthopedics, Neurosurgery and Neurology "Vaso Ćuković" in Risno, to which the Municipality of Tivat donated funds for the purchase of professional appliances for equipping the laundry room.

The municipality allocated funds in the amount of 16,500 euros for the purchase of the necessary machine.

"We are glad that we have at least minimally helped to improve the conditions in this hospital, which is very important for the city and citizens of Tivat, but also for Boka, considering the large number of patients who receive adequate health care here," Komnenović said.

He said that the Municipality of Tivat will continue to support the hospital in Risno, recalling that they helped the Tivat Health Center through donations, as well as the General Hospital in Kotor, which was paid 10,000 euros in April this year for the purchase of furniture for the children's ward.

"Donations and assistance to health institutions The municipality realized through the budget item "aid to institutions", but I hope that in the coming period we will manage to provide more funds and provide more intensive support to health institutions. "Without quality health care and education, there are no quality living conditions," Komnenović said.

Vlado Popović, the director of the Special Hospital in Risno, thanked for the great help and donation to the hospital, as well as the willingness of the Municipality of Tivat to respond to their request for the purchase of the necessary equipment.

"The health service and activity of any institution is not only the work in the hospital and the work of the medical staff, but there are many supporting elements that make up and contribute to successful treatment. Maintaining hygiene is impossible without professional equipment, which is why this donation is so significant and important," said Popović.

He expressed the hope that the good cooperation of this institution with the Municipality of Tivat will continue, adding that in anticipation of the reconstruction of part of the hospital, such donations are something that is necessary and gives a positive impulse in the further work of the institution itself.

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