Joint planting action of Tivat Municipality and Hotel “Regent Porto Montenegro”

30 Sep 2022

Representatives of the Municipality of Tivat and the "Regent Porto Montenegro" hotel organized the planting of two olive trees at the location of the new children's playground in the Seljanovo settlement.

The seedlings are a donation from the "Regent Porto Montenegro" hotel, in connection with which Žana Zeković, director of the human resources sector, emphasized that this is just the beginning of the action and that such activities will continue.

"We thank the hotel "Regent Porto Montenegro" for the initiative and donation. This is an example of social and environmental responsibility. Environmental protection is extremely important for the development of tourism due to the increasingly present trend of choosing tourist destinations that apply the principles of sustainable development. We hope that this action will be an incentive for other business entities to actively participate in the preservation of the environment and make their contribution in a similar way. Hotel "Regent Porto Montenegro" has always supported our continuous planting and the aspiration to make public areas a healthier and more beautiful place to live. It is particularly gratifying that the location itself, in addition to the almost equipped playground, is intended for the youngest population," said the Secretariat for Spatial Planning of the Municipality of Tivat.

Support in the implementation of planting, as well as in all similar activities, was provided by DOO "Komunalno" Tivat.

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