“From the yellowed pages” – Tivat as it once was

21 Nov 2020

For the fourth year in a row, on the occasion of the Day of the Municipality of Tivat, and as part of the “November Days” program, the Secretariat for Culture and Social Activities of the Municipality of Tivat publishes the magazine “From the Yellow Pages”.

The theme of this year’s issue is theatrical life in Tivat through time.

The editorial team consists of Dubravka Nikčević, MA, Ana Ivanović and Slavko Krstović.

The fourth edition of “From the Yellow Pages” contains original texts and photographs from the last century, which will remind older citizens of long-gone times. The younger ones, on the other hand, will gain insight into the circumstances of that time and how it is possible to present culture through enthusiasm, will and love.

The printed edition of this magazine, all who wish, can be collected at the reception of the Municipality of Tivat or in PDF format at the link below.

From the yellowed pages – PDF

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