Local Communities

The local community is part of a unified system of local self-government and the form of direct involvement of citizens in public affairs, which is established to meet the needs and interests of the local population and which carries out tasks that serve to meet the common needs and interests of citizens.

In the local community, citizens decide and participate in decision-making on the achievement of local concerns and interests in areas such as housing, housing, consumer protection, culture, physical culture, protection and improvement of the environment as well as other areas of life and work in accordance with the statute .

In the local community, citizens participate in performing local self-government activities, namely:

– by keeping records of citizens from the area of ​​the local community dealing with agriculture and issuing certificates that are not within the competence of the state and local administration bodies (a certificate on a common household, a residence address certificate);

– by organizing public forums and public gatherings for consideration of certain issues of importance for the life and work of citizens;

– by proposing measures to improve communal activity and communal hygiene and the purposeful use of public surfaces;

– addressing the needs of organization and providing health and other forms of protection and initiating the quality of services in this area.

List of Local Communities

– Local Community “TIVAT- CENTER” – President, Radovan Novaković – contact 067/338-907

– Local Community “KRTOLI” – President, Savo Klakor – contact 067/317-447

– Local Community “KRAŠIĆI” – President, Anton Petrović – contact 069/340-429

– Local Community “LEPETANE”- President, Đuro Grubišić – contact 069/269-448

– Local Community “GRADIOŠNICA” – President, Veselin Vuković – contact 069/469-172

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