Municipal Day, November 21 celebrated in Tivat

21 Nov 2022
In Tivat today, the Municipality Day, November 21, was celebrated with a series of traditional festivities. The municipal delegation led by President Željko Komnenović, together with veterans' organizations OBNOR and UBNORA, laid wreaths at the Monument to Fallen Soldiers. After the ceremonial parade of the Tivat Music and Educational Society, majorettes and the Bokel Navy through the streets of the city, the president of the Board of Trustees, Goran Sindik, handed over the national flag to the Bokel Navy detachment, which then traditionally played a round on the Pine waterfront. In the large hall of the Center for Culture, a formal session of the Tivat Municipal Council was held, which was attended by the minister without portfolio in the Government of Montenegro, Zoran Miljanić, among many dignitaries. Commander of the Navy of the Army of Montenegro Milan Jevtović, members of the diplomatic corps, representatives of state bodies, companies, institutions, and religious communities. The session was also attended by representatives of numerous Montenegrin municipalities, among them the President of the Assembly of the Capital City of Podgorica, Đorđe Suhih, the Presidents of the Municipality and the Municipal Assembly of Budva, Milo Božović and Nikola Jovanović, the President of the SO Bar, Milena Božović, the Presidents of the Municipality and the Municipal Assembly of Herceg Novi, Stevan Katić and Ivan Otović as well as Vice President Mirko Mustur. During his address at the ceremonial session, the President of the Municipality Željko Komnenović said that in the past year, Tivat, despite numerous challenges and in an uncertain health, economic and political environment at the local and global level, experienced a complete financial recovery with record revenues. In his speech, he emphasized that the city had a successful tourist season, a large number of guests and events after a two-year hiatus, as well as that the local administration continued its transparent work and determined fight for public interest and socially responsible action. "Although we entered this year with almost 6 million euros in our accounts, due to the blockade of the local parliament, the municipality spent the financial year 2022 under forced administration and constant budget restrictions. Even in such difficult and extraordinary circumstances, we did not give up. With great efforts, we managed to realize investments with a total value of over 2.5 million euros. Of that, one million euros was invested in the rehabilitation of numerous local roads, some of which received asphalt for the first time, after several decades. Work was also done daily on the improvement of the rest of the infrastructure, so just for the reconstruction of children's playgrounds and sports fields on the entire territory of the municipality, over 100 thousand euros were spent." Komnenović also said that the relationship with strategic investors who implement projects in the territory of the municipality has been fundamentally changed and improved. "This year, we paid a lot of attention to long and unfairly neglected areas in Tivat: sports, social issues and education. By adopting a new decision on the financing of sports, we ensured a fairer distribution of funds to all local sports organizations, and this year, in addition to the traditional annual awards, the best Tivat athletes also received cash prizes for the first time, as another symbolic form of support for outstanding results." Komnenovic said. He also said that the local administration has allocated twice as many funds, in the amount of 800 thousand euros, for the support of sports for the next year. "We provided free school transportation, increased allowances for newborns, prizes for the best students and students. This fall, the Municipality of Tivat successfully procured two much-needed specialized vehicles for the needs of residents of the Tivat Day Care Center. The local administration is dedicated to the sustainable development of the city," he reminded. 9 and a half million euros in the Municipality's account today, and the projected budget for 2023 in the amount of 24 million euros - with a capital part of as much as 14 million euros, are data that clearly speak of the quality of the work of the local administration so far, emphasized Komnenović adding that they still have a lot of work to do and that many investments await them. "Our goal and priority is the completion of all ongoing capital projects - the MR2 road, the Belani and Lungo Mare promenades in Krašići, the Cacovo road, but also the construction of new, missing infrastructure. We will continue with large investments in sports infrastructure, and among the priorities is certainly equipping Arsenal's main stadium and playing first league matches in Tivat. In the coming period, the Municipality of Tivat will support culture even more strongly, and only for program activities of public cultural institutions in 2023, it will allocate 642 thousand euros - 80% more compared to this year. The big budget foresees larger allocations for all important areas and activities, so neither social benefits, support for young people and institutions, nor the NGO sector will be left out," said Komnenović. The first man of the town congratulated all the people of Tiv who are celebrating Aranđelov's Day and Our Lady of Health on the holidays, and the newsroom of the local public broadcaster - Radio Tivat on their jubilee 40th birthday. Goran Sindik, the president of the Board of Trustees of the Municipality of Tivat, called on all actors in society to "turn to the universal values ​​of knowledge, work and decency, as well as better understanding and tolerance for differences that actually do not exist, but have always been the wealth of Tivat and Boka Kotorska." "All of the above is a pattern that historically and culturally follows our city for centuries, and our Bay of Kotorska as a region of exceptional world heritage, imprinted with timeless values ​​acquired through knowledge, work, interfaith and interethnic harmony." Let's be worthy of the builders who created our city and our Boka Kotorska", said Sindik. At the solemn session of the Council of the Municipalities, the President of the Municipality Željko Komnenović presented awards to the best Tivat students in 2022: Anđela Nikolić, Biljana Jevtić, Bobana Tešić and Filip Stanišić. Students of the Tivat Music School performed in the artistic part of the program, and in front of the Tivat Children's Association, Ilija Brčić, a student of Drago Milović Primary School, sent a congratulatory message to the city. A short film about the achievements of the local administration of Tivat in the past year was also shown. The festivities on the occasion of the Day of the Municipality were also attended by visiting delegations from the countries of the region, among them the president of the sister Municipality of Karpoš and honorary citizen of Tivat, Stevčo Jakimovski, then the delegation of the City of Novi Sad led by Mayor Milan Đurić, representatives of the sister Municipality of Konjic, and the City of Niš. Municipalities of Pantelej, cities of Banja Luka and Trebinje. Telegrams of congratulations were sent to the Municipality of Tivat by the President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović, the President of the Parliament of Montenegro Danijela Đurović and the Prime Minister Dritan Abazović. See the address of the President of Tivat Municipality Željko Komnenović at today's ceremonial session at the link:

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