Municipal Tivat acquired a new cleaning equipment

12 Jul 2023

In the previous period, the utility company Tivat procured two new special vehicles, which directly improves the process of maintaining the cleanliness of the streets.

A "Karcher" brand cleaner was purchased with a total value of €139,755.00. It is a multifunctional work machine for cleaning public areas. It has a vacuum suction system, two rotary brushes, a 1.3m³ waste container, and is equipped with a cabin with a 360º view. In the following period, connections will be purchased that will enable pressure washing, as well as washing of stone and marble surfaces.

Also, a new cistern vehicle with a total value of €74,995.00 was purchased. The volume of this cistern is 10,000 liters, and it has a built-in water centrifugal pump with a flow rate of 1100 liters/min.

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