Municipality of Tivat generated budget revenue of 116%

22 Dec 2021

To date, the realization of budget revenues is 116% of the planned, and 19,660,000.00 euros were poured into the city treasury. Such a good financial situation was achieved through the successful realization of real estate tax collection and fees for communal equipment, which was realized in the percentage of 210% in relation to the plan, it was announced at the press conference dedicated to financial results achieved by Tivat local government this year.

The president of the municipality, Zeljko Komnenovic, pointed out that these are record data that are something to be proud of: "I am proud and happy because of the results that the local government in Tivat achieved during 2021. We have shown why civic lists and the direct application of democracy are important for the functioning of any local self-government. In one year, we managed to have over 6 million euros in the coffers out of 4 million minus. We achieved that in the most difficult time, during the crown of the crisis ", said Komnenović.

He announced that the giro accounts of the municipality currently have 5,772,907.00 euros, and that the Municipality of Tivat does not have any debts to date.

Jovan Brinić, Secretary for Finance of the Municipality of Tivat, pointed out that the draft budget for next year had been prepared and that it had received the consent of the competent ministry. The projected budget for next year is just over 18.5 million euros, of which the capital budget is 9.7 million euros, which means that the budget proposal is developmental.

However, if the members of the SDP and the opposition do not appear at the session of the Municipal Assembly scheduled for Monday, it will not be possible to be adopted, so Tivat will have to switch to temporary financing.

"The budget envisages funds for providing free transportation for all students in the municipality of Tivat." The draft budget envisages additional funds for financing non-governmental and sports organizations. Funds are also provided for capital projects, such as the promenade in Belani and the construction of the service zone ", says Brinić.

He pointed out that by not adopting the budget, Tivat is in a situation where it will go to temporary financing with excellent results, within which restrictive rules apply that prevent the realization of the set goals and projects. "By not adopting the budget and not complying with the announced state project" Europe Now ", employees in the municipality will be deprived of the announced benefits of this program," said Brinić.

Komnenovic also referred to the opposition's criticism. "They told us that we would never collect utilities from Porto Montenegro, which they forgave them for, and when we collected 2.3 million euros from Porto this summer, they don't mention that 'argument' anymore. "Let me inform them that, although the utilities have already been charged with 210% of the plan for the whole of 2021, this is not the end either, because another 470,000 euros were laid on that basis today, and another 400,000 euros will be paid next week," Komnenovic said. adding that it is therefore "sad" that Tivat, due to the possible non-adoption of the budget for 2022, is entering a situation of restrictive temporary financing, and the citizens without numerous benefits.

He said that someone must bear responsibility for that, and that the citizens will decide who is to blame. "We who have such results in front of us, or the SDP and the opposition, which, out of the narrowest petty party interests, are trying to harm the local government, but in fact are doing the most damage to all citizens of Tivat."

Komnenovic and Brinic, presenting in detail the capital investment plan for 2022 and increased investments for sports, culture, education and social affairs, said that "the citizens of Tivat must know what they will be deprived of if the budget is not adopted."

"To the organized criminal group called DPS I have one message: to write silly statements, which these days are fooling the public, better and more understandably,  and to prepare to pay the new bill that will be issued to them by the citizens. The opposition and SDP have joined the DPS and Dusko Markovic. "When they failed to buy one of our councilors in the past three months and make this parliamentary majority with him, they decided to block the quorum of the Assembly, block the city and cause great damage." , said Komnenovic.

He called on "responsible people from the opposition who love Tivat and who are certainly there" not to follow such a policy of the party headquarters. , said Komnenovic.

He said that SDP councilor Aleksandar Djurovic has the greatest responsibility for the current situation. "I am grateful to him because his vote last year, which supported the NP-BF-GB coalition in parliament, prevented the final robbery and devastation that Tivat would have experienced if the DPS had remained in power. However, he now obviously wants Djurovic to be from Niksic or Dzakovic from Budva and to play for his party and its narrow interests, not for the people of Tivat and their well-being. politics and counting someone's blood cells ", concluded Komnenović.

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