Reconstruction of the children’s playground in Seljanovo

28 Jul 2022

The municipality of Tivat is implementing works on the rehabilitation and equipping of the children's playground at Seljanovo. Works on the reconstruction of the playground is performed by Komunalno d.o.o. Tivat, and the total value of this investment will amount to over 50 thousand euros.

So far, work has been done on the preparation of the terrain in the form of a concrete base, as well as the procurement and installation of new devices. Work on painting the fence will follow, and the locomotive, which is part of the old furniture, will be reassembled and reconstructed. The plan is also to arrange the swimming pool, around the perimeter of which benches will be placed, and greenery will be planted inside the pool as soon as the weather conditions are right. In order to increase the safety of all users, it is planned to install a tartan surface on the playground.

The new playground furniture includes a children's merry-go-round, a swing, a see-saw, a pendulum, as well as a multifunctional children's playhouse consisting of square platforms, towers of different heights (100, 150, 200, 300 cm), two internal steps of 50 cm height, a roof, two double slides with a height of 150 cm and 100 cm, a flat slide with a height of 100 cm, a slide in the form of a spiral tube (tunnel) with a height of 300 cm and decorative elements. In addition to children's furniture, the playground also contains a new outdoor gym - a complex of seventeen vertical metal poles of different heights, a section of a Swedish wall, classic monkey bars, wooden benches for sit-ups, seven bars, two types of gymnastic rings attached to the bars, double bars for push-ups above /below a horizontal column and two parallel bars.

As part of investment maintenance, work was also carried out on the replacement of damaged furniture in the children's park in the city center. Works were performed by Komunalno d.o.o. Tivat, and the value of the equipment that was replaced was 1,300.00 euros.

The Municipality of Tivat appeals to the citizens to contribute to the playgrounds remaining in a preserved condition and available to the youngest population and other users by their responsible and conscientious behavior towards the new inventory.

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