Seabed cleaning

16 Sep 2023

The Secretariat for Spatial Planning of the Municipality of Tivat today carried out an action to clean the seabed at two locations in the Tivat water area, in front of the Church of St. Roka in Donja Lastva and on the stretch from Kalimanja to Pina waterfront. The action was organized in cooperation with divers from the NGO "Arsenal Eco", the Protection and Rescue Service and "Komunalno" d.o.o. Tivat, which disposed of the collected waste after the action. On this occasion, several cubic meters of different waste were collected, the composition of which was dominated by plastic and glass bottles, tires, ropes, remains of tops...

Secretary for Spatial Planning Milica Manojlović welcomed this type of activism and pointed out: "The intention is to clean the undersea through this and similar activities, and to point out the importance of preventing the disposal of any waste in the marine environment." The sea is an indispensable element of the city's tourist offer, a source of food, a place for rest and recreation, and as such it should be and remain clean."

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