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Scholarships and awards

02 Sep 2020

The Secretariat for Culture and Social Activities of the Municipality of Tivat awards the best and regularly provides scholarships to those with the best academic success.

For this purpose, around € 35,000.00 is directed annually, so from 2016 to the middle of 2020, the best students from Tivat have received financial support in the amount of over € 179,000.00.

COMPETITION for scholarships is announced at the beginning of each academic year.

We believe that investing in students from Tivat is an important investment in the future of Tivat.

In 2016, for the first time, Tte Municipality of Tivat, although it is not a legal obligation of the local government, provided free textbook sets for all high school champions.

Starting with school year 2019, free textbooks were given to first, second and third grade students of primary school. The intention is to provide support to parents and children, and to encourage them as they enter the world of acquiring new knowledge.

It is important to point that the Ministry of Education provides the textbooks for RE population students.

Local government subsidizes regular expenses of transportation of students on the territory of the Municipality.

In order to encourage any outstanding results and to create conditions for further development and advancement the Municipality of Tivat provides a great support understanding the needs of students and teachers, when it comes to participation in numerous seminars, fairs, competitions, exhibitions.

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