The coordination team for the preparation for the tourist season has started working

28 Apr 2021

"The tourist season will be delayed compared to its usual start during regular health circumstances, but there will be no closing of borders and we can count on guests from the region, Russia and Ukraine," said Tivat Mayor Zeljko Komnenovic, opening the first meeting of the Coordination Team. This working body consists of representatives of local government, local companies, cultural institutions, tourist organizations, state bodies and companies, health institutions ...

The President reminded of the activities related to the establishment of the Nis-Tivat and Omsk-Tivat airlines, and other important preconditions for a successful tourist season: maintaining a high degree of cleanliness of the city, cessation of construction works, start of mass vaccination, and indiscriminate work of inspection services.

According to the information available to the local administration, the beginning of the mass vaccination in Tivat is expected after the orthodox Easter and May 1st holidays, and the director of the Health Center Tivat, prof. Dr. Jasminka Andjelic confirmed that everything is ready and that new quantities of Sinofarm, Sputnik V, and AstraZeneca vaccine are expected to arrive within the next couple of days. It was concluded that vaccination of employees in tourism is the primary task.

The Tourist Organization of Tivat announced that they expect health protocols for the tourism industry, which are being prepared at the state level, and that they are working on the preparation of various promotional materials. In cooperation with the National Tourist Organization and numerous local tourist organizations of Montenegro the director of TO Tivat, Danica Banjević, announced several study visits, and a regional "roadshow" campaign, with special emphasis on the promotion in Nis. An intensive campaign in the field of digital marketing will follow.

In the institution "Museum and Gallery" Tivat, almost 40 different programs are being prepared, and the Center for Culture plans to show about 20 theater performances. "It is still uncertain whether the competition part of "Purgatorije" will be organized, but we will not lack in cultural contents this summer," stated the director of CZK, Neven Staničić.

Flights from Ukraine and Belarus are expected at Tivat Airport these days, and the distribution of suitable material for tourists at this important arrival point has been agreed upon in principle. It was also agreed that a meeting between the representatives of the local government and the Airport will be held on the issue of better organization of the taxi service at this airport.

Coordination Team representative of the Directorate for Inspection Affairs, Inspector Zoran Radunović, emphasized that Tivat is one of the most organized cities. However, the season will be closely monitored by inspection bodies at the state and local levels. Already during the Easter and May Day holidays, the activity of mixed patrols is expected, which have proven to be effective in controlling the application of epidemiological measures. Representatives of the Security Department of Tivat, the Directorate for Inspection Affairs, the Secretariat for Inspection and Communal Supervision, and the Protection Service will participate in the work of these patrols.

Representatives of the Public Enterprise for Management of Marine Assets and the Secretariat for Inspection and Communal Supervision are planning a tour of the Tivat coast from Veriga to Petrovic to establish all the problematic points that are important to monitor and control. The beaches are clean, and one of the priorities is to put into operation the OSI ramp for safe entry into the water on the beach Ponta Seljanovo.

The next meeting of the Coordination Team is scheduled for mid-May.

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