The mayors of Budva, Herceg Novi and Tivat expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of support for the economy in these municipalities

17 Mar 2021

The presidents of the municipalities of Budva, Herceg Novi and Tivat, Marko Carevic, Stevan Katic and Zeljko Komnenovic, expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of support for the economy in these municipalities, where economies have been especially  affected by the closure of numerous activities for more than a month. The joint response sent to the Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare states: “We are familiar with the measures adopted for parents of children up to 11 years of age. Apart from them, parents of older pupils, students, as well as people who may not have children live and work in the area of ​​our municipalities, and their existence is directly endangered by the measures of the Ministry of Health, which forbid them to work. We must mention that the endangered category are tenants, as well as entrepreneurs who rent business premises for the work of their activities. By adopting salary subsidies for the month of February for businessmen from the area of ​​our municipalities, you would show the citizens that you are really committed to making the fight for the survival of the already endangered business easier in difficult times for all of us. "

The Ministry of Finance, in its response to the expressed dissatisfaction, calls on the municipal leadership to show understanding that "the Government, in limited financial conditions and great pressure on public finances, seeks to direct funds to the most vulnerable activities of the economy."

The Ministry reminds that in addition to subsidizing the February salaries of employees on paid leave from work, other measures within the Salary Subsidy Program in the first quarter of 2021 are fiscalization, additional support measures for tourism and hospitality. The Ministry is revisiting a defined measure to reduce the price of renting state-owned space by 50% in 2021, as well as postponing obligations on this basis, which relate to the period 01.07. - 31.12.2020. year, with a reprogram for 12 months.

"We appreciate that the current measures, both those that involve specific benefits and measures related to benefits, represent significant support to the economy. We believe that we are still showing an interactive approach when it comes to businessmen, with a daily commitment to analyze their requests and accept them as much as possible in the current financial conditions, " states the latest response from the Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare.

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