Tivat with a better epidemiological situation

18 Mar 2021

As of today, somewhat milder epidemiological measures are officially in force in Tivat. The citizens of Tivat have won a more favorable epidemiological situation with disciplined behavior and respect for valid measures,as it was concluded at the meeting of the Municipal Protection and Rescue Team, chaired by Milorad Giljaca, a Commander of the Protection Service. The measures were mitigated by the decision of the Ministry of Health, in the way to allow work of companies and entrepreneurs engaged in trade in non-food products and provision of services (footwear and clothing stores, beauty salons, hairdressers, etc.)

According to the records of the Epidemiological Service of the Health Center, there are currently 106 coronavirus patients in Tivat, while the value of the cumulative incidence rate is 862 per 100,000 inhabitants. "If this downward trend continues, we can expect Tivat to move from the third to the second group," said epidemiologist Dr. Jelena Mršulja. 279 doses of Chinese vaccines have arrived at the Tivat Health Center, and immunization of fellow citizens older than 80 will be carried out in the upcoming days. So far, about 30% of the employees in the Health Center have received the coronavirus vaccine.

Employees of the Secretariat for Inspection and Communal Supervision regularly control construction sites, trade facilities, public areas ... and these activities will be continued in the following period. Two fines for non-compliance with the measure of mandatory wearing of a protective mask were collected at the construction site in Krašićii. The Directorate for Inspection Affairs announced that 513 inspections were carried out in the period from March 5 to 17. 13 decisions on contact and 163 decisions on self-isolation were made. Inspectors visited 16 construction sites, and irregularities were found at three construction sites and misdemeanor warrants were issued in the total amount of € 7,500.

In the past seven days, the officers of the Tivat Security Department inspected 295 people who were sentenced to self-isolation, and in the same period, four criminal charges were filed against five people for failing to comply with health regulations to combat dangerous infectious diseases. Members of OB Tivat perform constant control of intercity traffic, and one criminal complaint was filed against one person for non-compliance with the measure prohibiting leaving the territory of Tivat.

The Tivat Red Cross has a sufficient amount of commodity reserves, and a smaller distribution of aid to the socially endangered is planned for next week.

The utility company Tivat and the Protection Service, in coordinated actions, disinfect public areas and spaces almost every day, in which the necessary support is provided by the company "Vodovod i kanalizacija" Tivat. Radio Tivat says that it will continue to intensively inform citizens about all activities and current affairs when it comes to epidemics, and record an extremely high number of visits to the Internet portal, which records more than 4,000 visits per day.

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