Vrmac cleaning action

26 Apr 2021

As part of yesterday's action of cleaning Vrmac, organized by the municipalities of Tivat and Kotor and the NGO "Our Action", 10 m3 of various waste was collected. Marking Earth Day, the participants cleaned the local roads and hiking trails but also collected waste on the slopes of the Tivat and Kotor sides of Vrmac.

The trail Lepetane - Orašje and Plavda - Orašje was cleaned by the teams of the Tivat Protection Service with the voluntary fire brigades "Tivat" and "Boka". The Podkuk - Gornja Lastva trail was cleaned by members of the triathlon clubs Herceg Novi and Kotor and the mountaineering club "Vjeverica". "From the big hut on the Vrmac plateau, 56 volunteers headed in five directions with the task of collecting waste. In this sense, the most demanding location was right next to the Skaljarska Fortress, due to the large number of tires stored there, "said the organizers.

Volunteers took part in the action: young people from the NGO "Our Action", members of the Youth Team Tivat, students of the international "Knightsbridge" school and numerous families from both cities. The action was supported by Porto Montenegro, the Tourist Organization of Tivat and the utility companies of Tivat and Kotor.

This activity, initiated by the NGO "Our Action", is part of the program "Nature for mental and physical health of young people", supported by the "European Endowment for Democracy".

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