A rich program of “November Days” in Tivat

01 Nov 2022

On the occasion of the Municipality Day celebration on November 21, the local administration of Tivat, in cooperation with public institutions and institutions, local sports and non-governmental organizations and associations, organizes a series of cultural, educational, sports and entertainment activities. This year's edition of "November Days" in Tivat will start with the first programs already on November 3, and until the end of the month will include over 50 different events.

The calendar of events consists of concerts, exhibitions, theater performances, literary evenings, lectures and educational workshops, as well as a large number of sports competitions, tournaments and programs intended for the youngest. The central event, November 21 - Tivat Municipality Day will be celebrated with traditional festivities, which include laying wreaths on the monument to the fallen fighters of NOR, a ceremonial parade, the ceremony of handing over the municipal flag to the Bokel Navy detachment in front of the Municipality building, the Bokel Navy parade on the Pine waterfront, and ceremonial session of the Tivat Municipal Assembly.

This year's November days of culture will be filled with numerous new contents. On Friday, November 4, the Culinary Heritage Fair, a gastronomic and educational event organized by the Municipality of Tivat dedicated to the promotion of traditional dishes from the Boka Kotorska area, will be held on the Pine waterfront, where a special Monograph with recipes created within the CUHaCHA project will be presented. On the same day, in the morning hours, the Tivat Day Center will for the first time organize the Municipal Sports Competition in athletics for children and youth with developmental disabilities. The Tivat Tourism Organization will award annual awards to the best local caterers at its first international educational congress called "Tivat Tourism Think Tank 2022".

On Sunday, November 13, the new documentary series "Boka pomorska" produced by Matica Boka will be premiered in the premises of the Tivat Museum and Gallery. During November, two special exhibitions will be opened in that institution, dedicated to marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Tivat branch of the Bokel Navy and the "Palma 1972" butcher club from Donja Lastva. With an annual concert on November 26, KUD "Boka" Tivat will mark its 45th anniversary, and the local public broadcaster Radio Tivat will also celebrate its birthday and jubilee 40 years of work. In addition to these events, the days of November will be brightened by other diverse cultural, artistic and educational programs organized by the Tivat Culture Center and the Tivat City Library.

In addition to local government bodies and municipal institutions, significant participation in the realization of the manifestation "November Days Tivat 2022" will also be taken by the Tivat educational institutions Junior High School Mladost, Music School Tivat, Primary School "Drago Milović", Primary School "Branko Brinić", JPU "Bambi" Tivat , numerous non-governmental organizations and sports clubs.

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