Earth Day commemorated

22 Apr 2024

The Secretariat for Spatial Planning of the Municipality of Tivat organized a tree planting event with first-grade students from the JU Elementary School "Drago Milović" to mark Earth Day.

International Earth Day has been observed on April 22nd since 1970, highlighting the fact that a large number of plant and animal species worldwide are becoming extinct, habitats are disappearing, forests are being cleared, air quality is deteriorating, and global warming is on the rise, leading to serious disruption of the entire ecosystem.

The intention of the Secretariat for Spatial Planning is primarily to educate children, and for each first-grade class, one larger palm tree sapling of the Trachycarpus fortunei species was procured. "Students from five classes of the central unit of the school planted in the Great City Park, marking the beginning of the palm tree avenue restoration project that once adorned the main promenade. In the courtyard of the branch unit of the school in Donja Lastva, two saplings were planted, and in the courtyard of the branch unit of the school in Gradiošnica, one sapling was planted. The students showed great interest, actively participated in the planting and educational session, and in the coming period, together with their teachers, they will design plaques to mark the trees. The goal is for each generation of first-graders to plant their tree, take care of it, and develop awareness of the importance of the environment," emphasized the Secretariat.

The tree planting initiative received assistance from the "Komunalno" d.o.o. Tivat greenery service.

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