A Twinning Agreement between the Municipality of Tivat and the Municipality of Đurđu signed

22 Apr 2024

A delegation from Tivat on an official visit to Romania

The Mayor of Tivat, Željko Komnenović, and the Mayor of Đurđu (Romania), Adrian Anghelescu, signed a Twinning Agreement between the two cities today. A delegation led by Tivat's mayor has been on an official visit to Romania and the Đurđu District since Saturday, at the invitation of the local government.

"We are delighted to host a delegation from Tivat, a municipality with which we will become twinned today. The joy of this solemn occasion is further highlighted by the fact that it takes place under the auspices of Đurđu Municipality Day and on the eve of April 23, the Feast of St. George, the patron saint of our city. Tivat is an exceptional tourist city in Montenegro, a model of good administration and business practices, and I express hope that together we will develop important, sustainable projects with long-term positive effects for both communities," said Mayor Adrian Anghelescu.

Mayor Željko Komnenović of Tivat emphasized that this agreement opens up new possibilities for both cities and the countries of Montenegro and Romania. "Today we witness a very significant event for us. I hope and expect that this will be the beginning of successful cooperation between Tivat and Đurđu. Allow me to thank the city administration for the warm welcome during our stay and the opportunity to learn about everything your city has to offer," stated Komnenović.

The agreement envisages institutional cooperation as well as collaboration in the fields of education, culture, sports, and the environment, as well as the exchange of experiences and best practices. It will also focus on the development of economic ties between local businesses, participation of local representatives in fairs, exhibitions, workshops, webinars, or online events, and the organization of joint activities and programs in line with the friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries.

The signing ceremony of this agreement at the City Hall of the Municipality of Đurđu was attended by the President of the Tivat Municipality Assembly, Miljan Marković, the Chargé d'Affaires of the Embassy of Montenegro in Romania, Dalibor Đurić, the Consul of Romania in Montenegro, Radu Gorincioi, the public administrator in the County Council, Cristian Gratianu, and the deputy mayors and hosts of the delegation, Ionel Muscalu and Marian Damian, as well as city councilors and other representatives of local government and authorities of the Đurđu District.

During the three-day visit, in addition to the City Hall, the Tivat delegation visited the Historical Museum "Teohari Antonescu," the Clock Tower, and the ruins of Đurđu Fortress, which have been restored with EU funds. As part of the agenda, a visit to the Romanian Parliament in Bucharest is planned for today.

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