“Branko Brinić” elementary school received new IT equipment

30 Dec 2022

In order to promote digitization and improve the IT literacy of children and young people in the "Branko Brinić" Primary School, the Municipality of Tivat procured two new printers and 9 laptops, with a total value of 5,761.00 euros, to equip the IT classroom at the school.

The new IT equipment was handed over today by the president of the municipality of Tivat Željko Komnenović and the manager Patricia Pobrić. Principal of "Branko Brinić" Elementary School Ivica Tošev expressed his gratitude to the Municipality for recognizing the needs of the school and students. "The new computers will certainly improve the quality of the teaching process. Every help and support from the Municipality motivates us, but also obliges us"

Manager Patricia Pobrić said that the Municipality of Tivat significantly helped educational institutions in the city this year. "We invested the least in Branko Brinic Primary School because of the planned construction of a new school. In a conversation with the school's management, we came to the conclusion that investing in digitization is currently the best way to improve the school's work, because this type of equipment can later be transferred to a new facility."

At the beginning of December, a contractor was selected for the construction of a new elementary school, music school and kindergarten in Radovići at the tender of the Directorate for Capital Projects, which will be built on the site of the existing prefabricated school building. The preparation of the project documentation in the amount of 44,700 euros was financed by the Municipality of Tivat.

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