21 Mar 2020
✅ The municipality of Tivat organizes the delivery of food and other necessities to citizens at greater risk from Corona virus: single persons over age of 65, patients with preconditions, patients with chronic illnesses and the disabled individuals. Users of the patronage nurses program and those living on social welfare are already taken care of by the Red Cross service. ✅ This system covers the entire municipality. ✅ The action aims to keep the people at greater risk in their homes and to provide them with food and other necessities efficiently. ✅ Volunteer delivery service will function as long as the epidemiological situation is in place. ✅ Delivery service will be operating every day except Sunday, but the call centre will work 24 hours a day. ✅ Delivery service is granted to persons over the age of 65, patients with chronic illnesses, impaired persons, pregnant women, visually impaired persons and others at risk categories. ✅ Delivery works in the following manner: Customers can contact the call centre, leave the necessary personal information and provide a list of foods and necessities needed. The volunteers will then stop by the given address, take the written order and the money, and go shopping. ✅ Orders and delivery take place from 09.00h to 19.00h. The call centre is open 24 hours for all information. Customers pay for groceries at purchasing price and with no additional cost for delivery, as volunteers work for free. ✅ Rules: Up to 15 items can be ordered (up to two kilograms at maximum individual weight). It is not possible to order alcohol or other products from the list of "luxury goods". MUNICIPAL TEAM PHONE CENTER 032 671 318 AND 069 351 251 post slika