29 Mar 2020
Unfortunately, we can now officially confirm one case of a corona virus in our municipality. The affected person has been given an appropriate medical assistance. This person's condition is stable and under proper medical supervision. All persons who came in contact with the affected person were contacted and they will be tested. We will keep you updated on the development of the situation and I ask all citizens of our municipality to respect the privacy of the infected person, and not to adopt or disseminate unverified information. I take this opportunity to once again urge all citizens to follow the prescribed measures, to keep themselves regularly informed through published municipal communication channels and to engage in any activities to help others through the system we have established in Tivat, so as not to jeopardize oneself and others by inappropriate exposure. I ask you to be disciplined, solidary and unique, because only in this way will we be able to control this situation and reduce its consequences.  I would like to thank all citizens for largely respecting the prescribed measures, all volunteers, all members of service teams, who are constantly working to make our system work well and, of course, doctors, who care about our health.  This is a difficult fight, which only if united we can win.  Please do not hesitate to contact us because all the services of the Municipality and myself are at your disposal for any assistance, explanation and interpretation.