Direct flights between Tivat and Romania

21 Jan 2022

The President of the Municipality of Tivat, Zeljko Komnenovic, together with the representatives of the Ministry of Capital Investments and the Airport of Montenegro, today held a meeting with a business delegation from Romania, led by Ambassador N.E. Matei Viorel Ardeleanu, and the topic of conversation was the launch of direct flights between Tivat and several cities in Romania during the upcoming summer season. The meeting was attended by State Secretary at the Ministry of Capital Investments of Montenegro Zoran Radunovic, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Montenegro Airport, Goran Jandreoski and Nebojsa Djokovic, Director of Tivat Airport Vladimir Prascevic and Director of Tivat Tourist Organization Danica Banjevic.

In a statement for the media, the president of the municipality Komnenović stated that it is a matter of launching several airlines, and that the possibility of connecting the Montenegrin tourist economy with the very emitting Romanian market, which has not been represented in Montenegro so far, is opening.

"Today, the first step was taken and a solid agreement was reached to start cooperation. More than a million tourists from Romania visit Greece and Bulgaria annually, and over 350,000 Turkey, and now a very serious opportunity is opening up for Montenegro as well. The main task is primarily to promote the offer and for the Romanian market to find out what Montenegro has to offer, and according to today's conclusions, that could happen this summer as well. "

State Secretary Zoran Radunović said that this is a significant step in the development of tourist potentials of Tivat and Montenegro and that the Ministry of Capital Investments will invest all its resources and capacities in order to prolong and improve the tourist season in Montenegro. "According to preliminary talks, these are most likely three destinations from Romania that would be included in this type of traffic, and it would start with charter flights. Romania has its national airline Tarom, which is very present on the market, and what we are ready to offer are the capacities available to the state airline Air Montenegro. Since Romania is a member of the European Union, the process of approving flights is very simple. The airports of Montenegro are open for cooperation and ready to support those flights, through their concept of increasing the air accessibility of Montenegro and the incentive scheme for airlines that are introducing new flights. "

According to Radunovic, according to the current estimate, the flights could start in mid-June, which depends on the capacity with which Romanian tour operators would enter the market, and negotiations with domestic hotels and tour operators are currently underway.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Craiova Airport and Holiday Plan tour operator from Romania. "We had a very useful conversation with local and state officials in Tivat. We hope that we will establish a new tourist bridge of cooperation between Montenegro and Romania and that a large number of Romanian tourists will soon be able to visit Montenegro, "said Holiday Plan representative Dan Coca.

Romanian Ambassador Ardeleanu, who was also the initiator of the meeting, thanked the mayor Komnenovic and State Secretary Radunovic for a constructive conversation and stressed the importance of developing cooperation with local governments. "We want to continue to improve relations between Montenegro and Romania and help Montenegro become a member of the European Union as soon as possible, which we are convinced will be achieved soon."

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