Free transportation for students from Gradiošnica for the remained of the year

13 Oct 2021

The bus carrier "Blue line" will drive students from Gradiošnica to the central school in Tivat for free until the end of the first half of the year - an agreement between the representatives of this company and the Municipality of Tivat.

"Blue line" has been tenderly selected since 2019 for the provision of public passenger transport services, liner and student, on the territory of the municipality of Tivat. On this basis, the Municipality of Tivat in 2021 will allocate the amount of 22,200.00 euros for subsidizing this carrier.

The local government is aware of the dissatisfaction of students and their parents when it comes to the organization of student transportation, and the problem is partly caused by the mismatch between the timetable and the schedule according to which classes are held in schools. In order to solve the problem, the local government is in direct communication with the bus carrier and the timetable dates are clearly defined.

In order to inform the public, we provide details regarding the timetable of regular and student transport, a list of stops, as well as the amounts of student monthly tickets.

The timetable is available at the link:

List of public and suburban transport stops in Tivat, by road, available at the link:

Pupil transport is performed on a total of five lines: Lepetani - Tivat, Gradiošnica - Tivat, Island of Flowers - Tivat, Radovići - Tivat and Krašići Tivat, and the price of monthly tickets is 15 € for students from Lepetan and Gradiošnica, 20 € for students from the Island of Flowers and € 35 for students from Radović and Krašić.