Mayor on the epidemiological situation in Tivat

10 Feb 2021

-From yesterday's press conferences-

Mayor of the municipality Tivat, Zeljko Komnenovic, assesses the situation in Tivat as alarming, as the repetition of corona virus infection in some cases emerges in Tivat.

"On Thursday, we sent a letter to the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro, as this body is in charge of proposing epidemiological measures to the Ministry of Health. Our intention was to acquaint them with the situation in Tivat and to suggest the tightening of epidemiological measures, but we have not yet received an answer ", states Komnenović. Today, the local government sent an official letter to the Ministry of Health with the same goal.

The Secretariat for Inspection and Communal Supervision of the Municipality of Tivat conducts controls of compliance with epidemiological measures throughout the municipality. The Protection Service and the company in charge of communal work carry out regular disinfection of public areas, institutions and establishments. "We are doing everything in the power of the local government. We expect the competent state authorities to prescribe more rigorous measures and we hope to provide the vaccine as soon as possible ", said the mayor

According to the data of the Epidemiological Service of the Tivat Health Center 329 active cases of corona virus have been reported on 08.02.2021. "This morning, I talked to the director of the Health Center, Dr. Jasminka Andjelic, and I was informed that there are enough tests, but that the medical staff is worn out and have reached their breaking point," stated the mayor in a conversation with journalists yesterday.

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