Tighter control of catering facilities in Tivat

10 Feb 2021

The Secretariat for Inspection and Communal Supervision of the Municipality of Tivat performs stricter control of catering facilities, in terms of application of the provisions of the Law on Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases and measures adopted by the Ministry of Health of Montenegro. In facilities that provide catering services: hand disinfection is mandatory upon entry and exit; wearing masks is mandatory (except during direct consumption of drinks / food); maximum 4 guests are allowed at the table, on the terrace / garden and inside the building; the distance between the tables must be at least 2 meters; it is forbidden to sit at the bar.

Secretariat officials regularly visit catering facilities. Therefore, caterers are warned that there are high penalties for non-compliance with current measures, namely: 2000 € for a legal entity; € 500 for the responsible person in the legal entity; € 350 for entrepreneurs; € 100 for individuals.

Under the Law on Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases Inspectors of the local self-government unit  are authorized to check compliance with the obligation to comply with the prescribed measure of physical distance between persons during a stay in an open public place and in facilities providing catering and tourist services. (3a of the Act).

They are also authorized to control the provision of prescribed personal protective equipment - masks for employees in facilities where catering and tourist services are provided (point 3c), while point 3e of the same article prescribes mandatory use of prescribed personal protective equipment masks or scarves by users. services, among others, in facilities where catering services are provided as well as public transport vehicles and transport for own needs.

Item 3g of the same article envisages the obligatory provision of disinfection of public transport vehicles and vehicles used for the transport of employees for their own needs.

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