New DEAL4EU project presentation marked the International Volunteer Day

06 Dec 2021

The Municipality of Tivat has joined the implementation of the project "DEAL4EU: Youth Ambassadors for European Green Deal", which is implemented within the program "Europe for Citizens". The first of the planned activities was held today in the multimedia hall of the Municipality of Tivat, when the project was presented to the Youth Team, and a working group of the project was formed at the local level. This event also marked the International Volunteer Day, which is celebrated worldwide on December 5, the day when the UN Volunteer Program was created in 1970.

The "European Green Agreement" is a response to current climate and environmental challenges. DEAL4EU is a network of 8 different European cities that will promote the values, goals and policies of the Green Agreement among young people, in order to make them green ambassadors in their territories. In this regard, DEAL4EU aims to raise awareness of environmental and climate issues, knowledge of the role of European citizens in the Green Agreement strategy and create synergies between European territories and citizens to protect, preserve and enhance EU natural capital and protect health and well-being. citizens from environmental risks and impacts.

During the implementation of this two-year project, 8 thematic international conferences will be organized in Katral (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Novo Mesto (Slovenia), Athienou (Cyprus), Leeuwarden (Netherlands), Sofia (Bulgaria), Tivat (Montenegro) and Rome (Italy). The key participants will be young citizens from each target territory, who will work with experts (academic professors, bloggers, journalists) to learn about EU environmental policies and strategies and how to participate in civic life and become European ambassadors for green strategies in to his hometown. DEAL4EU aims to directly involve 400 and indirectly 20,000 participants.

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