New restrictive epidemiological measures in Tivat, starting Monday

07 Nov 2020

The stricter epidemiological measures will begin on Monday, November 9, as a result of a large increase in the number of Coronavirus-positive citizens in Tivat in the past 14 days. Accordingly, the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro announced new rates of cumulative incidents today, so Tivat is moving to the second group, which means the tightening of epidemiological measures. The new measures include:

  • Restriction of the working hours of food and drink serving facilities to 22:00;
  • Limiting the working conditions of catering facilities so that, in addition to the valid epidemiological measures, it is allowed for a maximum of two people to be at one table both inside and outside the facility (terraces, gardens, etc.); – Obligation to strictly observe a distance of at least one meter from chair to chair when the persons sit at tables and turn their backs to each other.

The municipality of Tivat calls on all citizens to respect the prescribed measures, to take care and thus protect themselves and others from further spread of coronavirus. “The local administration is in constant contact with the epidemiological service of the Tivat Health Center, the situation is complex, and according to the data we have, I can say that the number of new cases in Tivat has increased significantly in recent days,” said the President of the municipality Zeljko Komnenovic.

The disinfection of the interior of all facilities of preschool and school institutions on the territory of the municipality is being carried out by the Utility Company Tivat from November 6 to 8. Yesterday, kindergartens in the city center and in Donja Lastva were disinfected, as well as the facility of the elementary school “Drago Milović” in Donja Lastva. Today, during the day, disinfection of the school building “Branko Brinić” in Radovići, kindergarten in Radovići and school building in Gradiošnica will be disinfected, while disinfection of the central elementary school, high school “Mladost” and music school is planned for tomorrow.

Disinfection of the entrances and external surfaces of all school and kindergarten facilities will be performed by the Protection and Rescue Service tomorrow. In the past few days, the Service has carried out disinfection of public areas where there is a large circulation of people. Informative posters with recommendations of behavior and important telephone numbers, when it comes to epidemics, have been placed at all important places in the city. A meeting of the municipal Protection and Rescue Team is scheduled for Tuesday.

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