Penalties for those who leave their belonging to”reserve” a place on the beach

01 Aug 2023

The Secretariat for Inspection and Communal Supervision of the Municipality of Tivat and the Tivat Municipal Company organized several joint actions to remove towels, plastic bottles and other objects with which visitors to Tivat's beaches try to "reserve" a place for themselves for the next day. The local administration says that it will not tolerate this phenomenon and appeals to citizens not to leave the aforementioned items on the beaches, especially bearing in mind that the fine for this offense is €100 for individuals and up to €7,000 for legal entities.

Communal Police officers warn beach users that those who leave these items on the beaches will be fined, and the items will be removed from the beach. The Secretariat for Inspection and Communal Supervision announces that they will continue with further actions to suppress this phenomenon.

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