The municipality of Tivat introduces an option to pay taxes online

31 Jul 2023
The municipality of Tivat has introduces the possibility to pay taxes and fees online. By selecting the "citizen service" option on the front page of the municipal website (, the subtitle "online payment" will appear in the drop-down menu. A user will be able to pay real estate taxes, tourist taxes and local road fees by clicking on the link "The Secretariat for Finance has implemented a new online payment option. Taxpayers now have the opportunity to perform their financial transactions through our online platform in a fast, safe and simple way. By introducing the option of online payment, taxpayers can save a significant amount of time. Instead of traditional payment methods that entail physical presence at the counters or payment via foreign remittances with large commissions, taxpayers can now easily and quickly fulfill their obligations via the internet platform, wherever they are in the world" - emphasized the Secretary for Finance in the Municipality Tivat, Lidija Bakalbašić. The delivery of tax rulings by mail will be made with the August invoices, and, as previously announced, they can be downloaded from the website of the Municipality or at the premises of the Secretariat for Finance. post slika