Reaction of the leaders of the Municipality to last night’s events

06 Dec 2020

Although the election of a free democratic government and the fall of the DPS regime were a great reason for the celebration of all well-meaning citizens, we do not justify the way of celebration seen in Tivat. Tivat's local self-government is currently facing a budget deficit of 3.5 million euros, rationalization of the over-sized municipal administration, mitigation of the consequences of the corona-virus pandemic and countless other accumulated problems left by the previous government. Such events give rise to those who ravaged the city coffers and brought us all to the brink of civil war, to falsely moralize and spill empty phrases about civil peace and maintaining inter-ethnic harmony, trying to divert the story from the topic of their responsibility.

Togetherness, wisdom, responsibility and tolerance are more necessary than ever for all of us, regardless of religion and nationality.

That is why we call on all citizens of Tivat to refrain from reckless and inappropriate activities, and to show personal responsibility, in order to preserve civil peace, prevent the spread of corona-virus and fight for a better Tivat. Let us not allow the slightest shadow to fall on the historic change of government in Tivat and Montenegro, and show that our common future and coexistence are far more important than our daily politics.

Mayor of the Municipality Tivat, Zeljko Komnenovic

Deputy Mayors of the municipality Tivat, Vladimir Arsić and Goran Božović

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