Reaction of the Municipality of Tivat regarding the situation at the Blue Horizons beach and the recent excessive discharge of WWTP products in the Gulf of Trašte

21 Jul 2021
This morning, the municipality of Tivat received microbiological results of water samples that the Institute of Marine Biology from Kotor sampled in the immediate vicinity of the outflow structure in the bay of Trašte. The results show a significantly increased number of bacteria in the water at that location, which is about 1km away from the nearby beaches: Plavi horizonti, Oblatno, Velja spila beach and the beach within the Luštica Bay complex. At the initiative of the Municipality of Tivat, and on the order of the Public Company for Marine Management, the Institute of Marine Biology will perform water sampling at the mentioned bathing areas as soon as possible, and upon receipt of these results, the Inspection Administration will adopt adequate measures. "We will not calculate with people's health" - said the President of the Municipality of Tivat, Zeljko Komnenovic, and added that "it will not be calculated even with the responsibility of those who led to it". The Municipal Inspector of the Municipality of Tivat, in accordance with his competencies from the Law on Waters, made a report on the established facts and according to the water analysis report issued a misdemeanor order to the legal and responsible person, in this case, the Wastewater Treatment Plant for the municipalities of Tivat and Kotor and its executive director. in the total amount of € 3,100. The President said that at this moment there will be no closure of the bathing area because there are still no legal grounds for that, but further procedures will depend on the results of water analyzes from the bathing area and the findings of the Republic Water Inspector who is on the ground today. "I requested an urgent meeting of the WWTP Steering Committee, which will hopefully analyze the current situation and adopt the necessary measures in terms of accountability. Although the administration I head is often accused of revenge, we did not dismiss the directors of local companies but waited for their term to expire legally. - said the mayor and assessed the situation with the plant as symptomatic, but also the cleanliness of the city, at a time when, according to him, the season is in full swing. "It is certain that this government has the capacity and will to deal with all possible obstructions," Komnenovic emphasized. The Municipality of Tivat finances the operation of the WWTP in the annual amount of € 237,000. The President points out that there are no debts to this company, and that the problems in it are numerous. "Yesterday, on my initiative, experts from the Polish company" Mareks "were here. They visited the plant and I expect feedback from them on the current condition of the plant and adequate measures - concluded Komnenović. post slika