Repairs and asphalting of streets in Tivat

15 Jul 2021

During the last month, the Investment Directorate of the Municipality of Tivat carried out the repairment works and asphalting of streets at seven locations in different parts of Tivat, with a total value of € 100,000.

A part of the local road from Oblatno to Žanjice, to the border with the municipality of Herceg Novi in ​​the length of 2 km, has been repaired and asphalted. The road in Aerodromska Street in the length of 1400 m was also repaired, from the customs warehouse of Tivat Airport to the turn for Brdište and the street near Stanišić's house in the length of 70 m.

In Krašići, the road to Gornji Krašići and the local church in the length of 1200m was repaired and asphalted. In Lepetani, a part of the road on the section towards Veriga has been widened, in order to enable easier passing of motor vehicles on this stretch. A part of Zagrebačka Street on Seljanovo has been rehabilitated. The 230m long Nikelići Street was also rehabilitated.

The works on the rehabilitation of local roads were performed by the company "Asfalt - beton gradnja" doo from Podgorica. The Municipal Directorate for Investments has been announcing the continuation of works on the basis of the Agreement on Rehabilitation and Asphalting of Local Roads since September, and the remaining funds for this type of work amount to € 72,000.

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