Removal of damaged vehicles from public areas

07 Nov 2022
Municipal police of Tivat Municipality started the action to remove vehicles, i.e. parts of vehicles that are not used in traffic due to wear and tear, damage, which are without license plates and unregistered, and left on the public surface for more than seven days. In the territory of the municipality of Tivat, a total of 16 such vehicles were recorded at locations in the city center, Lepetani, Radovići and Seljanovo. A written order from an authorized official was left on each vehicle to the owner to remove the vehicle or part of the vehicle from the public area within seven days. If the owner of the vehicle does not comply with the order, the communal inspector will issue a decision ordering the owner to remove the abandoned vehicle within seven days. The decision will be prominently displayed on the vehicle or part of the vehicle that is on the public surface, and will be published on the notice board of the Municipality. The Secretariat for Inspection and Communal Supervision points out that, in case the owner or user does not remove the vehicle or part of the vehicle, the removal will be carried out by a third party, at the expense of the owner. post slika