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The Ambassador of Japan visited Tivat on the occasion of the donation of rescue equipment

10 Feb 2023

Today in Tivat, a solemn donation handover ceremony was held for the “Project of equipping the Municipality of Tivat with equipment for emergency situations”. The valuable donation from the Government of Japan contains 30 firefighting suits, a machine for filling fire extinguishers, as well as a set of rescue equipment (cutter, ripper and telescopic cylinder) and its value is 68,265.00 euros.

Ambassador of Japan in Montenegro H.E. Takahiko Katsumata, together with representatives of the Municipality and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro, visited the Tivat Protection Service and acknowledged the Municipality of Tivat for the successful implementation of the grant.

“With this project, Japanese taxpayers’ money was used for the purchase of firefighting and rescue equipment. Thirty new firefighter uniforms with full equipment will enable the rescue team to safely extinguish fires in residential areas, as well as in mountainous areas. I heard that in the summer months this area suffers from fires, so I hope that the new equipment will help you to deal with emergency situations faster and more efficiently”, said Katsumata.

The President of the Municipality of Tivat Željko Komnenović pointed out that this donation is happening at a time when two members of the Protection Service from Tivat went to help the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and it is the right opportunity to emphasize the necessity of good equipment for the members of this service.

“This is the second donation from the Government of Japan to the municipality of Tivat, and I hope that we will continue our cooperation, and I am glad that this equipment came to the Protection Service after all the procedures,” said Komnenović.

Bojan Ćulafić, State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, expressed his belief that this donation will help members of the Protection Service to perform their work better, never forgetting humanity and courage as their moral code.

At the press conference held on the occasion of the presentation of the donation, it was pointed out that including these donations, the total amount of Japanese aid through projects for the basic needs of the population (POPOS) in Montenegro since 1999 is over 3 million euros. The total amount of Japanese aid to Montenegro during the same period exceeds 43 million euros.

Difficult situation in Tivat with COVID-19

24 Feb 2021

The president is ordering the closure of Solila – Special Botanical and Animal Reserve and the Main City Park

At today’s meeting, the municipal team for protection and rescue ordered the closure of Solila – Special Botanical and Animal Reserve and the Main City Park, since the epidemiological situation in the city remains unchanged. “For now, we will not close the promenades, but if the situation does not improve in seven days, we will be forced to take this unpopular step,” said Mayor Zeljko Komnenovic, adding that the impression is that citizens do not take seriously the fact that we still have significant number of newly infected persons daily.

“Individuals who have been issued a decision on self-isolation are walking around the city and believe that they will pass unsanctioned.” We condemn this behavior and, in agreement with the Tivat Security Department, we will tighten daily control, “the mayor emphasized, emphasizing that he was dissatisfied with this aspect of police work, and that this was the main problem Tivat is facing.

“As of today, 299 people in Tivat are actively infected with the coronavirus, and 20 people from Tivat have died so far,” the Tivat Health Center states. The director of this public institution, Dr. Jasminka Anđelić, said that due to the large number of sick medical workers, there are no conditions for the work of the Health Center to be organized in two shifts. So far, 20 vaccines for medical workers have arrived at the Health Center, while so far over 300 people over the age of 80 have applied for vaccination.

The commander of OB Tivat, Ljubiša Rovčanin, pointed out that in the past 7 days, the police checked 273 people in nine controls, and four criminal charges were filed for non-compliance with the valid measures.

Mixed patrols will be organized consisting of employees of the Secretariat for Inspection and Communal Supervision, members of the Protection Service and voluntary fire brigades from Tivat, as well as employees of OB Tivat. Together, they will monitor the implementation of measures by the citizens and the violations will be sanctioned. The controls will be especially intensified on promenades, picnic areas and beaches, where the presence of a large number of people has been recorded in recent days. The communal police and inspection will also control trade facilities and other frequent public spaces.

The Red Cross of Tivat delivered aid to another 30 families, and in the following period it will work on collecting aid. All municipal services and companies are on standby and all services are performed regularly.

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