The 6th session of the Board of Trustees

25 Jul 2022

Today, July 25th, the VI session of the Board of Commissioners of the Municipality of Tivat was held, i.e. the first constitutive session in the new, expanded composition appointed by the Government of Montenegro. There was one item on the agenda, the election of the president, for which Goran Sindik, a marine engineer from Tivat, was elected by the majority of the commissioners' votes.

The seven-member Board consists of the citizens of Tivat, Goran Sindik and Igor Jovović, representatives of the Ministry of Public Administration, Enesa Hasanagić Katana and Jelena Pejović, representative of the Ministry of Finance Šućo Orahovac, representative of the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism Aleksandra Gardašević Slavujica and representative of the General Secretariat of the Government of Montenegro Jelena Krivokapic.

On the proposal of Šuć Orahovac, Goran Sindik was elected president with four votes in favor and three abstentions. As a citizen of Tivat, he was in the previous composition of the Board of Trustees.

The date of the next session will be determined later, and as announced, it is planned to be held as soon as possible. There are currently around 50 proposed decisions in the parliamentary procedure, some of which have been pending since September last year.

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