The Municipality of Tivat funding for Tivat Health Center and the Institute for Emergency Medical Aid

13 Dec 2021

The Municipality of Tivat funded the workers of the Tivat Health Center and the unit of the Institute for Emergency Medical Aid of Montenegro, in the total amount of 6860.00 euros, as a sign of gratitude for their efforts and work during the fight against coronavirus.

On that occasion, the president of the municipality, Zeljko Komnenovic, visited the Health Center today, where he met with the director Danica Stevovic and the head of the unit of the Institute for Emergency Medical Aid, Marina Perovic.

"The workers are very pleasantly surprised and grateful for this gesture. In the fight against kovid 19 so far, all medical and non-medical staff of the Tivat Health Center really participated equally, "Stevović pointed out.

Tivat was very affected in the previous period and the municipality recognized the work, commitment and great sacrifice of all health workers, said the president of the municipality Komnenović.

"I am especially glad that we managed to realize the help for the workers of the Institute for Emergency Medical Aid, because it is the only way to be fair. These are not big funds, but it is a sign of attention and for someone to think about them. We have helped the Health Center before, although we were not in an enviable financial situation at the time, and I think there are no obstacles to continuing this practice in the future. "

Komnenović expressed hope that there will be opportunities to improve the position of health workers in society in the coming period. "We hope that with the help of the Ministry of Health, which gave the green light, and investors, we will succeed in implementing the project of the currently abandoned auxiliary facility, which would significantly facilitate and improve the work of the Health Center, which Tivat deserves," he concluded.

On behalf of the health workers of the unit of the Institute for Emergency Medical Aid, the chief manager Marina Perović thanked. "There is currently a problem with the shortage of workers in the Institute, and we hope that this gesture and the attitude of the Municipality of Tivat towards our Service will send a positive message."

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